Meg’s Radar #21


So apparently, it has already been a year since starting my blog. It has gone by so fast, but it has been a fun ride with lots of great games, comics, and books being shared with all of you. For now, I’ll just continue to do my thing and bring to you some more awesome projects to check out on KS. As always, thank you for reading and enjoy!

Launch Ladies by Jamey Erickson 

2e40a3bc039195b9ed1b741014e1caa4_originalLaunch Ladies is an illustrated book for children that will highlight the amazing women that have helped to launch us into space. The book will feature women who were involved in the birth of NASA all the way up to those leading programs that will someday get us to Mars. The final printing will be done in board book format, with full-colour pages. The book is aimed towards children eight months to 3 years old but would still make an excellent edition to a young child’s book collection. The campaign also offers a few other goodies for backers, including enamel pins, patches, and limited edition personalized books.

Days left in the campaign: 16

Pledge to get the book: $20

f7c3b651c09e8d86d11077eedeae8127_originalThis will be the third installation of Arcane Sally & Mr. Steam. In an effort to bring down an elusive mastermind, Lord Percival Cawthorne–a rogue agent of the crown–and his manservant Runnymede, team up with the mysterious and obstinate agent, Miss Sally. The man the seek must be brought to justice before he unleashes Lewis Carroll’s dangerous mathematical theories, thus changing reality as we know it. The story is filled with fisticuffs, reanimated enemies, and strong-willed women. The comic features Jefferson Costa’s unique art style and David Alton Hedges’s great story. If you haven’t read the series yet, you can pledge to get the digital copies for all of the issues thus far, including issue three. If you are into hard copies, pledge to get the special KS edition variant cover of #3, plus the standard covers for the first two issues. You can also snag yourself a sweet enamel pin and sticker to match.

Days left in the campaign: 12

Pledge to get a copy of issue #3: $15


  • 2-4 Players
  • 30 Minutes
  • Age 10+

In CrossTalk, two teams go head-to-head, racing to guess secret keyword(s), but there’s a catch: both teams will be trying to guess the same secret keyword(s) and you won’t be giving clues to your own team! During each round, the clue-givers will choose the secret keyword(s), then they will each give their team a clue that only their team will know. Clue-givers will then take turns providing one-word clues to the opposite team, allowing them to make guesses about the secret keyword(s). The round ends when a team has made a correct guess, earning them one point. The game ends when a team has earned five points. This will be a great party game, especially for those who are fans of the Codenames and Times Up! franchises.

Days left in the campaign: 23

Pledge to get the game: $29 ($27 if the Early Bird option is still available)

Mutant Crops by Aetheris Games


  • 2-4 Players
  • 15-30 Minutes
  • Age 14+

In the future, agrotoxins have contaminated crops, causing something strange–and a little scary– to happen: the crops mutated into steak-eating monster fruits and veggies! No need to fret, though, over time we’ve learned to farm these mutations and still earn a decent profit. Mutant Crops is a light, worker placement game where players take on the role of a farmer tasked with growing and selling mutated crops. Players will use the twelve spots on the board to take actions, like buying plants, gathering resources, or watering their crops. The farmer with the most money at the end of the game will be declared the winner, and most skilled mutant plant farmer in the land. This can be a good intro to Euro games and will be a great option for those looking to get in a quick game that will still provide a challenge.                                         

Days left in the campaign: 16

Pledge to get the game: $19


Meg’s Radar #20


Hey everyone!

It’s time to get back on track with my weekly radar list. Lots of stuff coming out in the next few months, so it is an exciting time with lots of great projects to share. Enjoy the list, and as always, thank you for reading!

Sorghum & Spear: Book One by Green County Creative

f08ed87ad7a02035cc6747afe2081bef_originalSorghum & Spear is a fantasy saga featuring a group of young girls chosen as the last line of defense in the war against the Spora–a group of demons trying to conquer the Eternal Realm. The authors of Sorghum & Spear created the world of the Eternal Realm using inspiration from African, Latin American and Asian culture. In fact, sorghum is an ancient cereal grain generally found in those regions. The use of this grain is also represented in each of the characters, growing and blossoming throughout their journey. The creators hope to provide inclusive expression, social empowerment, growth of creativity, and a community where young people, especially those of colour can feel at home. Their goal starts with this first story, which they hope to eventually bring to life with animation and other mediums. One of the great things about this project, is that it has great pledge options, specifically, along with your physical book, you can pledge a direct donation to Project Have Hope–they provide economic freedom and sustainable support to the women of Uganda, by offering their handmade jewelry on their behalf. This is definitely a project to check out and support.

Days left in the campaign: 27

Pledge to get a copy: $25

Bingo Love by Inclusive Press

ad8a4a6935f86ace889cd2ede185d764_originalLove and bingo? Not two things you would think to go together, but for Hazel Johnson and Mari McCray, bingo led to a love that would last a lifetime. In Bingo Love, a chance meeting at a bingo hall in 1963 leads to a forbidden romance between the young Helen and Mari. At the time, being openly gay was not as accepted as it is today, and their blossoming relationship was halted in its tracks by their forbidding families. Decades later the two are married to men they do not love, unhappy, still pained by their forced separation, but fate will intervene–decades later, again at a bingo hall–bringing the two back together once more. This is a great story of how love can persist, even when it seems like the world is doing its best to prevent it from being so. There are tons of great options, including a two copy pledge, that encourages you to donate a copy of the book to a library of your choice.

Days left in the campaign: 27

Pledge to get a copy: $22

The Grimm Forest by Druid City Games

  • download (2)2-4 Players
  • 40-60 Minutes 
  • Age 13+

In The Grimm Forest, players take on the role of one the nieces or nephews of the famous Three Little Pigs. You are competing to build three houses–made out of straw, wood, and brick–as fast as you can. The game is divided into rounds, which are made up of a Gather and Build phase. During the Gather phase, players will secretly choose which part of the forest they wish to gather resources from. Players who choose the same place, will have to share resources, while going to a location solo will grant you access to all of that locations resources. In the Build phase, the resources collected will be used to construct your three houses. However, things aren’t always so simple. Fable cards will come into play–before you are able to gather resources–affecting you or the other players. Building your houses will be a challenge. Can you gather the resources you need to build yours first?

Days left in the campaign: 24

Pledge to get the game: $49

XYbrid by Gabe Shultz

  • 17190602_693411467450795_5765416671331770518_n2-4 Players
  • 30-60 Minutes

XYbrid is a simple game where players draft parts to create monsters in the lab, to become the most infamous scientist. A completed monster will include a set of legs, two arms, and a head (you start with a torso). Body parts will have an Infamy score (which is used to gain Infamy Points, or VP), and occasionally special features that happen during different parts of the game. These features can be Draw, Deploy, or Mission effects. There are also Auxiliary body parts that can be added to your monsters for more points, or abilities. Players will draft parts from the lab until their monsters are complete, then they will deploy them to earn points. Each player will also have a set of 3 Breakthrough cards (one for each round). These cards add a little spice to your deploy phase, and they can either benefit the person playing the Breakthrough, or hinder the other players. This game features some super neat art, and utilizes plastic cards to get a really cool overlay effect for your creatures body parts.

Days left in the campaign: 29

Pledge to get the game: $29

Meg’s Radar #19


Hey everyone! It’s almost turkey day! In my house this means lots of delicious food and games with my family. I’m looking forward to testing out some of the newer games I have received from KS with them. What are you planning on playing over the holiday weekend?

Anyway, here are a few different projects to check out. Enjoy and thanks for reading!

Node by Marius Messerschmied & Co. 


  • 4-6 Players
  • Age 14+

With the fast paced world we live in today, we don’t always have time to truly get to know the people around us. Node looks to change that by combining gaming and honest conversation. Node is a card-based game where players will build upon a starting node with their cards, all while answering and discussing meaningful questions along the way. However, BSing is highly frowned upon, so if you think someone is laying on the BS, you can play the BS card on them. The first player to be rid of all of their cards is the winner. This is a simple game, and at its core, it aims to bring us closer to the people around us, by connecting in person, rather than over the internet. Get to know new friends and coworkers, break the ice, or use it for team building– the choice is yours.

Days left in the campaign: 20

Pledge to get the game: €12 early bird (38 of 50 left) (about $13 USD)

Robots Love Ice Cream by 25th Century Games


  • 1-4 Players
  • 20-30 Minutes
  • Age 8+

Robots Love Ice Cream is a semi-cooperative card game based off the hit mobile game that shares the same name. In the game, players will travel to different planets to face Spinston and his robot pals. Essentially, you will take control of an ice cream truck and use weaponized ice cream to take down enemy robots. Defeated robots will drop Sprinkletonium, a powerful element that you can use to upgrade your weapons. Work together to defeat the robots, defend your ice cream, and save the world (s). If you’d like a better idea of the game, check out the preview from Man vs. Meeple.     

Days left in the campaign: 24

Pledge to get the game: $16

Clash d’Ardèche by Gaudete Games


  • 1-4 Players
  • 40-75 Minutes
  • Age 12+

You may remember this title from one of my earliest Meg’s Radar posts. After obtaining new art and revising their campaign, Gaudete Games is bringing it back to Kickstarter! Clash d’Ardèche is a strategic, Euro-style game where players take on the role of a campground owner vying for customers in the French highlands. Players use upgrades, advertisements, and bribery to make their campsites the most appealing. Each player also has their own secret win condition. The game combines worker placement, card drafting and set collection to keep strategy high and luck low. Fans of bluffing, secret agendas, and classic style Euros, will want to check this out.

Days left in the campaign: 24

Pledge to get the game: €29 (About $31 USD)

Meg’s Radar #18


Hey guys! i know it’s been awhile, but between working on other projects and some recent events with family, life has been busy. However, I am coming back with a new Meg’s Radar, YAY! So enjoy and thank you ever so much for reading! 🙂

Man vs Meeple Season One Kickstarter

fe241540e8af5ca4891ea0f172fe9828_original.jpgLike me, many of you probably turn to YouTube now and then to get reviews for games that you are interested in. As useful as a blog post may be, videos give us an essential visual component, which allows us to see the moving parts of the games we want to know about. The guys of Man vs Meeple have done a fantastic job of bringing the video review to life, with a mixture of informative commentary and visual appeal. To continue to do what they do (and to do more) they need our help. This campaign will help them to continue to produce great content for the next year, with more reviews, interviews, previews, etc. Plus backing will help them to cover some of the biggest events in the hobby, such as Origins or Essen. Besides the awesome content, backers have a chance to get some sweet promos from some of their favorite game companies. The higher you back, the more you get. Continue to support the hobby’s content creators, and give their Kickstarter a look.

Days left in the campaign: 26

Pledge to get some cool stuff: $10

The Game Anywhere Table by Transforming Designs Inc. 


download-6If you have ever run into a space issue when trying to play a board game, this might be the solution you’ve been looking for. The Game Anywhere Table allows for you to have a table that will not only support games that take up a lot of space, but a table that can be taken anywhere. It is the size of a standard gaming table with extra width to allow for players to have enough space for all of their player components. The table also features a magnetic system, that includes player pockets, card trays, card shoots, treasure troughs, and player shields. These features can be moved around and placed anywhere within the personal playing areas, providing a custom experience for everyone involved. There is also an available section for cup holders. The table is mobile, so it can all be folded up and carried away or stored at the end of the night.

Days left in the campaign: 19

Pledge to get the basic table: $259

Package!? by Chris “Shep” Shepperson


  • 2-4 Players
  • 5-10 Minutes
  • Age 8+

Package!? is an abstract, strategy game where players try to get their packages to the different houses, in arrangements that will provide them with the most points. Players will roll a die every turn, to determine what action they will take. The rolls represent a range of possible actions, rather than a single action. The location of your packages and your pawn at the end of the game will affect the amount of points you are able to earn. There will be 5 possible locations, numbered 1-5. Packages in location one will be worth a single point each, while packages in location five will be worth 5 points each. The location of your pawn will also add points to your score as well. The game will be light weight and made from high quality wooden components. It’s compact size and quick play style will make it an easy game to play anywhere or any time.

Days left in the campaign: 26

Pledge to get the game: £10 (about $12 USD)

Dwar7s Fall by Vesuvius Media Ltd


  • 2-4 Players
  • 30-45 Minutes
  • Age 13+

Dwar7s Fall is a worker placement style game, where players are getting their dwarves ready for winter, by using the time left in fall for survival prep. The game revolves around three things: Kingdom card placement, worker placement, and take that. Players will be taking actions to secure gems, build castles and stock up on food. However, you will have to watch out for other players sending ogres to destroy your hard work. This will be the 2nd edition printing of the game, as the 1st edition completely sold out at GenCon, HalCon, and Spiel earlier this year.

Days left in the campaign: 20

Pledge to get the game: $30

Meg’s Radar #17


Hey everyone! Hope you are having a great weekend! Got a few projects to share with you this weekend, so enjoy and thanks for reading!

The Game Room by Black Toad Games


  • 2-4 Players Tabletop
  • 2-16 Players Live Action

Do you like solving puzzles and mysteries? Do you want a challenge for you and your friends and family? The Game Room just might be what you have been waiting for. The Game Room is a puzzle adventure that you can host at home and it can be played two ways: Tabletop or Live Action. You and your friends will step into the shoes of a hot-shot news reporter working to make sense of a series of puzzles and clues, all to get an exclusive interview with a murderous mad man. Black Toad will provide prop tutorials, print packs, a Tear-and-Play package, and there will also be access to a Game Master Portal (all based on your pledge level), to help you host the perfect evening of mystery. Also, if playing in person isn’t your thing, you can even play online. The game creators have also hidden a web of puzzles within the content of their Kickstarter page. Scroll to the bottom of the page, read the instructions, then work through the clues to solve a special message. Email them your answer and if you get it right, you could be featured on their Facebook leader board.

Days left in the campaign: 11

Pledge to get the basics: $28

Gnomes and Associates by Happy Games Factory


  • 2-4 Players
  • 60 Minutes
  • Age 10+

Gnomes and Associates is a gateway, fantasy, miniatures game. Players will control one of four different guilds and will be working towards completing specific guild missions to win the game. Use tactics and dirty tricks to hinder the other guilds and help your guild succeed. Turn by turn, players will activate their miniatures and perform two actions: Move, attack, robbery, or transfer. Players may also use special action cards to enhance their miniatures for the turn. The stretch goals for the game offer an array of unique miniatures, new maps, and even an expansion.

Days left in the campaign: 16

Pledge to get the game: €39 Early Bird (About $43 USD) (55 of 200 left)

Starcade by Never Peak Games


  • 1-3 Players
  • 15-30 Minutes
  • Age 8+

Starcade is a small game with a lot to offer. There are three game modes: Solo, Player vs. Player, and Co-op. The game is different for each mode of play– different rules, different goals. In the Solo mode, you fight waves of alien drones, in PvP you face your fellow pilots, and in Co-op, you work together to take down the Mega-Mothership. The game is super small and compact, making it easy to travel with. The game includes 5 double-sided cards, 26 double-sided tokens, 6 dice, and a rule book. There is also a “bring your own dice” option as well.

Days left in the campaign: 19

Pledge to get the game: $5 Bring your own Dice/ $10 Full Game

Meg’s Radar #8


Got some great projects for the list today, so sit tight and enjoy. As always, thanks for reading!


Death’s Footsteps by Cardboard India

2dd672e8f34f17992ee67cbccd67477f_original.jpgWritten by Chani Petro and illustrated by Jill Colbert, Death’s Footsteps is an illustrated fable about Young Death and his mortal bride. While training to take his father’s place, Young Death accidentally entraps a living girl. To rectify the situation, he decides to take her as his bride and brings her home with him to the Underworld. The story follows her journey to earn her place among the immortals and the lengths she goes to to prove her worthiness. This will be the second project from Cardboard India, and it has already reached its funding goal. If you are a fan fables and like really beautiful illustrations, this is definitely a project to check out.

Days left in the campaign: 26

Pledge to get a copy of the book: $20

Curia Regis: Volume 1 by Robin Hoelzemann

f9c115c8925a9914e8fb2382226f5fc3_originalCuria Regis is a 18th century drama that fallows the story of Maren and Jacques. Maren is a courtier whose loyalty is about to be tested. Jacques has decided to steal a country and crown himself king. The story follows the path of them and their allies, as they work to make the future the way they want it to be. Curia Regis is an ongoing web comic and the product of this Kickstarter will be its first print run. Robin Hoelzmann is a German- Canadian living in England, working as a Marketing Manager by day and a comic writer and illustrator by night.

Days left in the campaign: 22

Pledge to get a copy of the book: £15 (About $20 USD) Continue reading

Meg’s Radar #7


This week’s radar list features 2 comics, 2 games and 1 special project that I couldn’t pass on adding in.

FaLLEN Vol. 2 Graphic Novel by Ogawa Burukku

cover13FaLLEN is a webcomic created by Ogawa Burukku, an American comic artist living in Japan. The first print version of the comic found success on Kickstarter in 2014 and now it has made it’s way back to Kickstarter to fund volume 2. Drawn and produced in the style of traditional Japanese manga, FaLLEN is about a group of women, plagued with amnesia, who have been promised their names if they become warriors for a goddess-like deity. The core of the story deals with understanding one’s own identity– who you are and who you want to become. For some of the girls accepting their new powers is not in the plans for who they ultimately want to be. You can read the comic online for free, but if you’d like to get yourself a physical copy, the Kickstarter is your chance to do so.

Days left in the campaign: 6 

Pledge to get a physical copy: $13

The Meek: Volume 1 by Der-Shing Helmer

b9238b5f850060cd5e42eb168d175488_originalThis is a Kickstarter to fund the first physical volume of the webcomic, The Meek. Der-Shing Helmer has been working on the story and art for the comic since she was a teenager and is finally taking it from web format to print. The story follows three groups of characters: Angora, the emperor, and the two outlaws. Each are navigating their way through the in between of good and bad. The world they live in is falling apart, torn by war in the North and the monstrous powers that have returned to walk the Earth. The only question now is, who will be the one to inherit the Earth? You can read The Meek now for free online, but this will be the opportunity to get in on the physical copy of the first volume.

Days left in the campaign: 30 

Pledge to get a physical copy: $25 Continue reading

Meg’s Radar #6


Hey guys! I’m back from Dice Tower Con and I’m ready to turn on the radar and find some great new projects. I’ve got some interesting ones for you this week. Some aren’t super new, but are projects I have wanted to feature here. Enjoy!

Everland #1 by Dan Lee Comics


Photo Credit: Everland #1 Kickstarter campaign page

Everland is a concept and character-driven story that takes inspiration from TV shows, like Lost, and long form comics, like Y: The Last Man. The comic will also include nods to stories and myths about the world of Walt Disney and the animation industry. It aims to tell the story of the dark inner lives of the characters contrasted against their brightly coloured, Utopian world. This will be a digital comic, with 31 full-colour pages. It will contain 26 pages of story, as well as a comic strip by John Atkinson. There are several different pledge levels to choose from. There will be no physical copies available, but backers can get their hands on some beautiful physical prints, as well as some cool music to go with the comic.

Days left in the campaign: 13

Pledge to get a PDF copy of the comic: £3 (about $4 USD)

Gloom: Digital Edition by Sky Ship Studios

If you were ever a fan of the card game Gloom, you can now snag yourself a digital version. This will be a PC version of the game, with online capabilities, so you can play with people all over the globe. The game will include the base set, Gloom: Second Edition, as well as the Unhappy Homes expansion thrown in. Each card will be animated to come to life (and also to die) and will include voice acting to boot. It is the goal of Sky Ship Studios, to eventually feature all of the different variations of Gloom in the digital version. This includes Fairytale Gloom and Cthulhu GloomBackers also have the opportunity of getting gift keys, so that they can share the world of Gloom: Digital Edition with friends and family members. To give you a taste of what the game may look like, check out this trailer video: Continue reading

Meg’s Radar #4


We’ve got a real short list this week– like, only 3 projects kind of short. Not much stood out to me this week, but these projects are all ones that deserve a look for sure.

Always Raining Here: Volume 2 by Hazel + Bell

bea006f16430544bb3755cdd3edb39d2_originalThis will be the second volume of the webcomic Always Raining Here, as well as the finale of the series. Always Raining Here is about the romantic relationship between two high school boys, Adrian and Carter. This comic covers love and life and all the things in between. Volume 2 will contain 160 full colour pages with a matte soft cover. Backers can pledge to get a bunch of goodies, as well as their own copy of ARH Volume 2. There are stickers, tote bags, and even Dakimakura pillow cases available as rewards. If you don’t already have ARH Volume 1, you can pledge for that as well.       

Days left in the campaign: 27

Pledge to get a physical copy: $33 CAD (about $26 USD)

Game of Blame by Richard Wolfrik Galland


  • 2-4 Players
  • 20-30 Minutes
  • Age 9+

What do you do when the Queen needs an explanation for something that has gone wrong? Blame someone else! In Game of Blame, players are royal advisors trying to help the Queen get her messy kingdom in order. However, the Queen wants none of the responsibility for what has gone wrong and is looking for someone to blame. To avoid the Queen’s wrath, players must avoid blame and throw their fellow advisors under the carriage. The player with the least amount of blame might just be the winner. Ultimately the Queen will decide your fate. Will she be pleased? Will you be banished? Or will you have to face your death at the hand of the executioner?

Days left in campaign: 24

Pledge to get the game: £10 (about $14 USD)

Cantankerous Cats by Mentha Designs


  • 2-6 Players
  • 20-60 Minutes
  • Age 10+

Cantankerous Cats is a light and competitive card game. Players are cats who are trying to be the first cat in the neighborhood to reach 9 mischief points. In order to do this, players must earn the affections of their owner to balance out any mischief they may cause. Players may perform 2 of 5 available actions on their turn. Play will continue until one player announces that they are about to score their 9th mischief token. Other players may try to stop the win, by playing pounce tokens to take control of the cat toy (the first player marker). The player who is about to score their 9th point, must be in control of the cat toy, at the time of scoring the point, in order to win. The game combines light strategy, take that, and a little bit of luck of the draw.

Days left in campaign: 44

Pledge to get the game: $35



Meg’s Radar #3


Welcome to Meg’s Radar #3! We’ve got another mixed list this week, so I hope you enjoy! I know I’ll be backing a few of these. 😉

Sin: Graphic Novel Anthology by Penstrike Publishing


Sin is a graphic novel anthology that will include 10 different stories, by 20 creators, using modern sequential art. Each story is a unique telling that focuses on one of the 7 Deadly Sins. The anthology will be comprised of 150, full colour pages. The campaign offers story related rewards, so you can show your support for a specific tale. This is a relaunched campaign, with reworked funding goal and much lower shipping for backers. This is a must back for comic fans.

Days left in the campaign: 29

Pledge to get a physical copy: $20 CAD (about $16 USD) -This is the Early Bird option. $25 CAD (about $19 USD) is the normal level. 

Clash d’Ardèche by Gaudete Games


  • 2-4 Players
  • 40-75 Minutes
  • Age 12+

Clash d’Ardeche is a strategic, Euro-style game by Gaudete Games. Players take on the role of a campground owner vying for customers in the French highlands. Players use upgrades, advertisements, and bribery to make their campsites the most appealing. Each player also has their own secret win condition. The game combines worker placement, card drafting and set collection to keep strategy high and luck low. Fans of bluffing, secret agendas, and classic style Euros, will want to check this game out.

Days left in the campaign: 19

Pledge to get the game: €29 (about $33 USD) Continue reading