Meg Takes a Bite– A Mini Review of Cunning Linguistics by CRaZy Like a Box


A Dirty Market

cards-against-humanity-1Since Cards Against Humanity came out, there has been a boom of adult humor games that feature similar mechanics and design. I’d go so far as to say the market for such games has become a little saturated. While I like CAH, it lost its appeal after what felt like the hundredth time playing. With the recent exception of Joking Hazard, it’s been hard to find a game that features adult humor that isn’t just some CAH knockoff or done in bad taste.

Before the new year, I was asked to preview an adult humor game that took an indirect approach to being dirty but wasn’t a direct copy of CAH. I was excited to give this game a try, and I was very pleased when I did.

Time To Get Cunning With Language

unnamedCunning Linguistics (see what they did there) is a party game, for 3-8 players, where you can make dirty answers to questions out of seemingly innocent words. Each round the selected reader will choose a topic card and read it to the group. Everyone, including the reader will submit an answer for the topic card. Answers are created using the nine word cards in front of each player and what’s listed on their Free Words bank card. Once everyone has written down their answers, and turned them in, the reader will share each answer with the group. Everyone, except the reader, will then vote on which answer they like best. For each vote an answer receives, that player will gain a point. The first player to reach the point goal for the game will be declared the winner.  Continue reading