Meg Previews Stitches by Norwester Games


There’s Something In The Dark Woods


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Beyond the grounds of Franken State University, there is a place that no one dares enter. Past the scattered trees, to where the woods become dense and dark, you can find things that are truly terrifying. Everyone knows what’s out there. Everyone knows what the woods are really inhabited by…

The abandoned thesis projects of the university’s science department are alive out there– sad creatures, crawling in the dark. When the sun falls below the horizon, you can hear them, growling and grunting, fighting each other to survive.  And if you listen really closely, you can sometimes hear them speak… 

“Shiny… Tummy… Kitty…” 

However, these creatures are not the true danger. There is something far more sinister lurking in those woods. Long ago, it was left to fend for itself– the first failed experiment. It has been said, that the other creatures have tried to destroy it, to fight against the beast, but none have been successful. Perhaps, if the creatures could stop fighting amongst themselves, they could defeat the Abomination once and for all…

Monster’s Brawl 

stitches_promo_image_1024x576-768x432The Basics
  • 3-7 Players
  • 20-30 Minutes
  • Age 7+

Stitches, by Norwester Games, is a semi-cooperative game, where players take on the role of abandoned thesis projects, trying to survive in the woods. The goal of the game, is to upgrade your body parts, enough to be able to team up with the other creatures, to take down the Abomination. Players can gain new parts by scavenging the forest floor, or by attacking the others and stealing their targeted body parts. In the game, attacking uses a simple Rock, Paper, Scissors mechanic for combat. Whenever a player attacks another player, both the attacker, and the player being attacked, will learn a new word. These words will be the only form of communication that you have, besides grunting and growling. This adds to the challenge of trying to coordinate a strategy with other players. If a player chooses to attack the Abomination on their turn, anyone who shares a word with that player must also attack (there are ways to get out of attacking, but it is costly). The Abomination is not easy to kill, and will require players to have strong upgraded parts and plenty of allies to defeat it. However, there is a limited amount of time for you and your fellow creatures to defeat the Abomination. If there are no more cards left in the Parts Deck, the Abomination has won.  Continue reading


Meg Previews Unmasked: Dracula’s Feast by Jellybean Games


A Feast For The Ages

draculaTonight will be a feast for the ages! Every candle is lit, every streamer is hung. The banquet table is set with a smorgasbord of delectable delights. The townsfolk should be arriving shortly and the band is ready to play.

Everything is perfect. I’ve really outdone myself this time…

*A low growl echoes through the foyer, followed by the stomping of several (possibly large) feet*

What was that? No, No, No! This is not happening. I specifically avoided sending them invitations! I can’t believe they’ve decided to crash my party! *sigh*  Now that the guests have started to arrive and everyone is wearing their masquerade masks, I can’t tell anyone apart! What a nightmare! 

Perhaps I can dance my way to figuring out who everyone is… Might as well enjoy myself while trying to get rid of these monstrous party crashers.

Making Plans

accusation-card-backsThe Basics
  • 4-8 Players
  • 5-15 Minutes
  • Age 10+

Dracula’s Feast, by Jellybean Games, is a social deduction game where players try to figure out the identities of the other guests who have crashed Dracula’s big event. The game has no night phases and isn’t a free for all guessing fest. Players must take an action on their turn to gain information about their fellow guests. Players may dance with, question, or accuse the other guests on their turn. Once they are certain they have discovered the identity of all of the other players, they may attempt a Grand Reveal on their turn instead. However, a correct Grand Reveal isn’t your only chance at winning. Every role in the game has a special ability or restriction to how they must play. This could change the way you gather information in the game, or how you present information to others. Players must be careful to not be tricked by the special role abilities, because a wrong accusation or Grand Reveal could mean your banishment from the party.  Continue reading

Spotlight– Merchants of Araby by Daily Magic Games


Well, it’s time to get back down to business. After taking a two-week break from spotlights, it has been nice to come back to see some really cool looking games and comics on KS. So many new and interesting one’s have released in the last week and a half, it was really hard to choose a spotlight from them, because I want to do them all!

In the end, I decided to go with one of the games that was on my last Meg’s Radar list. I love the theme of this game and the idea that everything can be negotiated seemed really interesting. I’m not usually one for games that do a lot of that, but the art and theme has sucked me in.

Trouble In The Dunes


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I can see the heat rise up from the sand in sizzling waves. Behind us, the view of the city fades faster with every step. The journey is only a few days long, but an ominous feeling lingers within my mind. I feel as though we are being watched. The desert is known for its tricks, its mirages claiming even the most seasoned desert traveler. But this feeling is not a mirage… They are watching, waiting for us to get far enough away from the help of the city guards. As we round the bend, a large dune begins to close off the last remnants of the view of the city. The chatter of the rest of the caravan party drowns out whatever sound the watchers are making. We will never hear them coming…

Merchants of Araby is a 2-4 player game where players are trying to become the wealthiest merchant prince/princess. Players will put together caravans to send goods, teach their opponents virtues and call down djinn to give them a magical edge over the competition. Everything in Araby is negotiable, so players must use their wits and persuasion to get the best deal. Even a successful caravan can run into some trouble. Bandits will attack and depending on where your camels are in the caravan, could mean you are susceptible to losing your payout.

The game will take place over 4 rounds. On their turns, players will begin a caravan and take any actions they would like or are available to them. This may mean playing one of the 4 action cards: Merchants, Virtues, Djinn, or Allies. Playing merchants will help you generate resources to play a camel to the caravan. Since caravans are the primary source of wealth in the game, playing merchants is integral to getting your caravan filled. Other players can negotiate passage onto your caravan, which is another way to make money, but be sure that they aren’t going to be the ones with the big payouts. Having virtues will reward you and you can pass on some of those rewards to players who have helped you along the way, insuring your business agreements maintain their stability.


Sample Merchant and Virtue cards. Photo Credit: Merchants of Araby Kickstarter campaign page.

Continue reading

Meg’s Radar #8


Got some great projects for the list today, so sit tight and enjoy. As always, thanks for reading!


Death’s Footsteps by Cardboard India

2dd672e8f34f17992ee67cbccd67477f_original.jpgWritten by Chani Petro and illustrated by Jill Colbert, Death’s Footsteps is an illustrated fable about Young Death and his mortal bride. While training to take his father’s place, Young Death accidentally entraps a living girl. To rectify the situation, he decides to take her as his bride and brings her home with him to the Underworld. The story follows her journey to earn her place among the immortals and the lengths she goes to to prove her worthiness. This will be the second project from Cardboard India, and it has already reached its funding goal. If you are a fan fables and like really beautiful illustrations, this is definitely a project to check out.

Days left in the campaign: 26

Pledge to get a copy of the book: $20

Curia Regis: Volume 1 by Robin Hoelzemann

f9c115c8925a9914e8fb2382226f5fc3_originalCuria Regis is a 18th century drama that fallows the story of Maren and Jacques. Maren is a courtier whose loyalty is about to be tested. Jacques has decided to steal a country and crown himself king. The story follows the path of them and their allies, as they work to make the future the way they want it to be. Curia Regis is an ongoing web comic and the product of this Kickstarter will be its first print run. Robin Hoelzmann is a German- Canadian living in England, working as a Marketing Manager by day and a comic writer and illustrator by night.

Days left in the campaign: 22

Pledge to get a copy of the book: £15 (About $20 USD) Continue reading

Meg’s Radar #7


This week’s radar list features 2 comics, 2 games and 1 special project that I couldn’t pass on adding in.

FaLLEN Vol. 2 Graphic Novel by Ogawa Burukku

cover13FaLLEN is a webcomic created by Ogawa Burukku, an American comic artist living in Japan. The first print version of the comic found success on Kickstarter in 2014 and now it has made it’s way back to Kickstarter to fund volume 2. Drawn and produced in the style of traditional Japanese manga, FaLLEN is about a group of women, plagued with amnesia, who have been promised their names if they become warriors for a goddess-like deity. The core of the story deals with understanding one’s own identity– who you are and who you want to become. For some of the girls accepting their new powers is not in the plans for who they ultimately want to be. You can read the comic online for free, but if you’d like to get yourself a physical copy, the Kickstarter is your chance to do so.

Days left in the campaign: 6 

Pledge to get a physical copy: $13

The Meek: Volume 1 by Der-Shing Helmer

b9238b5f850060cd5e42eb168d175488_originalThis is a Kickstarter to fund the first physical volume of the webcomic, The Meek. Der-Shing Helmer has been working on the story and art for the comic since she was a teenager and is finally taking it from web format to print. The story follows three groups of characters: Angora, the emperor, and the two outlaws. Each are navigating their way through the in between of good and bad. The world they live in is falling apart, torn by war in the North and the monstrous powers that have returned to walk the Earth. The only question now is, who will be the one to inherit the Earth? You can read The Meek now for free online, but this will be the opportunity to get in on the physical copy of the first volume.

Days left in the campaign: 30 

Pledge to get a physical copy: $25 Continue reading

Spotlight– Game of Energy By Nimex Games


The Power Of Art

The gaming community is so full of energy and excitement over new, up-and-coming games and designers. That’s why I love being part of the Kickstarter Boardgame Spotlight group. People get involved, give feedback, and share projects, which is one of the biggest perks to being a designer or a backer in the group. I’ve seen a lot of successful games make their way through this group and I’m sure I will continue to see that trend.

127d4ebb075fb81289593d6b7ad4586d_originalOne game, from the group, that recently caught my eye, was Game of Energy. I remember seeing posts about it awhile back, and thinking that looks like a game I’d like to play. First of all, I thought the cover art was really great. I’d recently seen statistics about how often certain demographics are featured on box covers. I could be mistaken, but I think the big upset was that sheep are featured more on box cover art than women. Now this isn’t something that bothers me personally, but I do find the information interesting. The first time I saw a post about this game was around the time I started seeing that sheep statistic thrown around. So, when I first saw the box art, I thought it was a funny contrast to that statistic. The art features a lot of diversity, which is great, and there isn’t a single sheep in sight.

Art aside, Game of Energy’s concept of solving an energy crisis while building up your company and maximizing income and energy output, was definitely something that sparked my interest.

Generating Power

The crisis nears and the clock is ticking down. We must come to a decision quick to ensure humanities well being. We need to create clean energy, but with the limited land to build upon, this won’t be easy and corners may have to be cut. We are working as quickly as possible to put our plans into place before time runs out. Will we make it? Will we be successful? Only time will tell…

Game of Energy is a 1-4 player game, where players take on the role of industry leaders competing for the billion dollar contract from the United Nations, to be the main energy provider of the future. However, players are also competing against the clock, as the time for a global energy crisis draws near. Players must maximize their energy production, as well as their finances to beat the clock and emerge victorious. There will be good and bad curve balls along the way, and chances for your fellow industry leaders to mess up your plans. Continue reading

Spotlight– Armored Core™ RTS by Bad Crow Games


** Please read the first comment in the comment section, about an important update on a name change for the game.**


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When it comes to video games, I’ve always stuck to certain genres. I’m a big fan of action adventure, MOBAs, and shooters. This is generally what I have always stuck to, with very little deviation. Only within the last year or so, have I started playing more games outside of those genres. I’ve gotten more into turn based strategy thanks to Civilization V, and I have gone back down the rabbit hole to play the new expansion for World of Warcraft (if I seem out of the loop, this will be why). I have yet to try my hand at an RTS game. If I’m honest, I find them rather intimidating. When I think of games like StarCraft II, I can’t help but think that I wouldn’t stand a chance against its more seasoned players.

When I got the press release for Armored Core™ RTS, I was apprehensive, but excited to see how they incorporated the feel of RTS into a board game (much less intimidating for me). For those who don’t know, Armored Core™ was a third-person shooter, released in 1997, where players controlled large mechs with interchangeable parts. Armored Core™ RTS is essentially a real time tactical version of that, where players will move their Armored Cores through a city, trying to complete missions and take out the other players.

The Path To Domination

rev lec arcore.10

Reverse Jointed Armored Core: Photo Credit: Press release from Bad Crow Games

The world has seen a millennia’s worth of war. Our Earth torn apart by greed and fear. Remnants of the chemicals used for our destruction are only beginning to clear the air. The ancient cities are visible again, laden with tech and wealth from the past. They will send us out to salvage what we can. We will be fitted with Armored Core to protect us from the environs, and to take down anything that stands in our way. I know, that once I have reached the city, I will not be alone. The other factions will send their mercenaries, some for resources, some to make sure we never see them. Tonight I sleep, because tomorrow…

I may not be coming home. 

Armored Core™ RTS  is a 2-6 (base game is only 2-4) player real-time strategy/tactical game where players each control an Armored Core sent out into an ancient city to retrieve technology and goods that have become rare and valuable. The game is designed to be fast to set up, fast to teach, and fast to play. It uses 20 minute missions to keep game times low. To keep with the feel of a real time strategy game, players will take their actions simultaneously, whether that involves moving through the city or attacking the Armored Cores of the other players. To ensure targeting is correct and to avoid fiddliness, the game employs the use of LED lit bases to ensure line of sight. True to the video game, the Armored Core figures can also be upgraded to improve combat ability.  Below is a brief tutorial video, provided by the publisher, to give you a better idea of the basic play style. Continue reading