Throwback Thursday Review– 4 The Birds By Blackspot Games



When I first saw 4 The Birds on Kickstarter, I thought that it would be a good game to add to our collection, and would be something  different from the other, lighter strategy games that we had already. I’m always searching for games that will take a new spin on light strategy. This game seemed to fit that, and I figured it would be something good to play in between games, or something to fill down time at home. It would be easy enough to play, and from the description it seemed to have enough strategy options to keep my friends and I interested.


Photo Credit: Blackspot Games Facebook page

I liked that it had area control aspects, but that it also included a dice roll feature to bring some luck into the game and tone down the heaviness. The art was also a big draw for me. I absolutely loved the look of the player pawns; they have this very tribal feel to them, which makes them really stand out. The colors for the player pieces and the cards are also really vibrant and they seemed to pop against the colors of the board.


An earlier version of 4 The Birds. Photo Credit: Blackspot Games Facebook page

I had seen pictures of the game in its earlier stages and the components had come a long way. Originally, the player pieces were made of laser cut wood. Actually, they looked pretty sweet. The tree on the board had a circular shape rather than being a squared grid. I was impressed by the evolution the game had taken thus far, and I knew that they would be tweaking things here and there during the production process. I was really excited to see the final product and to finally get to play the game.


The Campaign- May 2015

I backed this project shortly after backing Tesla vs. Edison. If you’d like to see my review for that, feel free to click the link. I actually backed quite a few things around this time. I went a little Kickstarter crazy. Anyway…

This campaign began on May 18, 2015 and ended on June 18, 2015. They had a pretty successful first week, and reached their $10, 950 goal in just 5 days. They closed out the campaign having raised a total of $17,267. This was also a relaunch campaign, so they definitely made some improvements that seemed to work in their favor second time around. They were also able to reach two of their stretch goals. I do feel that the stretch goal for the custom dice seemed a bit unnecessary, considering the game wouldn’t have worked without them and they probably should have just been included in the goal amount to begin with.

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Throwback Thursday Review– No Holds Bard


To Back, Or Not To Back

I really like comics… But I also have a serious problem with them (it’s me, not the comics).

Sooooo… I will wait until I have the entire set of a comic, before I read any of it. Yes, I am aware that this is like the dumbest thing. I know this, my husband definitely knows this (and hates it). It’s the collector mentality in me; I don’t want to read them until my collection is complete *insert maniacal laugh here*. Luckily, I tend to prefer comic series that are on the shorter side. I find that indie comic series tend to be a lot shorter, which makes them easier to collect, and honestly, I think they have better stories too.


Every black box is filled with Buffy comics and the top middle shelf has my hardbound books and omnibuses.

My favorite comic series is Buffy the Vampire Slayer published by Dark Horse. I loved the show, like a lot, and I love the comics too. I think it is great that they were able to create a continuation of the series through this medium. I have collected full sets of seasons 8 & 9, and I am working on season 10 now. I also have books and one-shots from the series, not to mention full sets of the Angel & Faith spin-off. Clearly, I have an obsession.

And yes, that is a Hermione lamp in the picture.


All of my indie comics. If you can’t tell, those boxes are filled to the brim.

My Buffy comics are not all that I have either. I have 4 boxes filled to the brim with other indie series. From The Amory Wars to Wytches, I have almost an entire alphabets worth of comics. I have monthly subscriptions at Coliseum of Comics, and ever year for my birthday, I buy comics or manga from Things From Another World (they have amazing comic grab bags).

In between those are the comics I back on Kickstarter. What I like most about collecting comics this way, is that most of them are one-shots, anthologies, or full books. With these, I don’t have to worry about getting the full collection, so I get to read and enjoy them a lot sooner. Plus, I usually back these at a pretty high level, because of all the neat stuff they come with. In my Tuesday spotlight I featured Chester 5000: Isabelle and George; I backed that at the everything level. I had read the whole comic already, but I had a chance to get book one and two, signed and hardbound, for my personal collection, along with a bunch of other goodies. It was pretty hard to pass up.

As for No Holds Bard, I backed that at a high level as well. Let me just say, that it was totally worth it. Besides, there was no way I was going pass up a comic featuring Shakespeare as a masked, crime-fighting hero.

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Throwback Thursday Review- Tesla vs. Edison: War of Currents



Having grown up a town over from the famed Edison-Ford Winter Estates, all I ever heard about was Thomas Edison and his inventions. There were countless field trips to the estate and as kids, I don’t think any of us realized how much of a jerk the guy really was. I’m assuming the tour guides glossed over all of his rather questionable business methods.  It wasn’t until later in life that I even learned about Nikola Tesla and this seems to be the case for a lot of people. In school Nikola Tesla was always kind of overlooked, and I mostly just knew him as that guy with the electric coil. So clearly, I was no expert on the currents war of the late 1800’s.

As an adult in the geek community, I’ve noticed Nikola Tesla popping up in all sorts of ways. He has an occasional cameo in the Canadian show, Murdoch Mysteries (which is a totally awesome show) and he even appears as a character in the video game, The Order: 1886. So, being one of the featured inventors in a board game wasn’t all that surprising. Like many others, the idea of Tesla duking it out with Edison via board game, was something I was totally psyched about.

As a fan of stock market-ish games (I’m terrible at them, but love to play them), I thought this would be a really great addition to our game library. I also loved that this game had a lot of actual history involved. The game uses inventors of the day as the main playable personas ,and the luminaries you can hire have big names like J.P. Morgan and George Westinghouse. During that period of time, propaganda was one of the main weapons that these inventors used to gain control of public opinion. Tesla vs. Edison includes propaganda cards that boast things like hanging out with H.G. Wells, or on the negative spectrum, creating the electric chair.

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Throwback Thursday Review– Tanto Cuore: Oktoberfest


Hey all!

I figured I’d start out with a review of a past Kickstarter campaign. Afterall, it is Thursday and a perfect time for a throwback.

So, I decided to start with a review of this particular project for a couple reasons. One being that I got some really great pictures of everything I received from it. Another being that this is one of my favorite games.

A Little Background

My interest in the game Tanto Cuore actually was inspired by a YouTube video. A couple of years ago, Felicia Day and friends did a live play through during their Tabletop Day 2014 live stream. They were playing the base game and I honestly just fell in love. I’m already relatively fond of deck builders and this was a deck builder with a bunch of scantily clad, anime girls. How could I resist? My husband and friends in my gaming group like to refer to it as “Fan service the game.” Needless to say, I had to get a copy.  Unfortunately, at the time, the base game was really hard to find and when you did find it, it was incredibly pricey.

After doing a little research, I found out that there were expansions for the game. One of the great things about the Tanto Cuore expansions, unlike most deck builder expansions, is that they are totally stand-alone! This was super exciting news, so when I saw a copy of Tanto Cuore: Romantic Vacation at Coliseum of Comics, I bought it. This particular expansion is fantastic. The cards have good cohesion, the extra mechanics it offers are easy to understand, but still provide you with good strategy, and the card art is just beautiful.


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