Meg Takes A Bite- A Mini Review of Unreal Estate by Grand Gamers Guild


Print & Play Madness


PnP for Ahead in the Clouds

Recently I have found myself making lots and lots of print-and-plays for all kinds of games. For the past month I have been playtesting a game for Artana, so I’ve had to make several copies for it. A designer friend of mine sent me a PnP copy of one of his games months ago, so I am finally getting around to that. Plus there are two Kickstarter projects that I wanted to try as well. Let me tell you, it’s a lot of cutting and sleeving, but if you have the time, making PnPs can be a relaxing and rewarding thing. For Kickstarter backers, I absolutely suggest it. If you are on the fence about a game to back, give the PnP a try, and it might solidify your decision to back.

I’ve gotten extremely luckily with the the two Kickstarter PnPs that I have made. The first was Ahead in the Clouds, a great little two player by Button Shy Games. The second is the game I wanted to talk about today, Unreal Estate by Grand Gamers Guild.

City Building 101

14657657_10153969298594646_1162209222_nIn Unreal Estate, city building is all about timing and hand management. The town council has contacted you and your fellow players to build the best cityscape that you can. To do this, you must pick the buildings that will make the city the most beautiful. Choosing what buildings you’d like to use, is done in a drafting style, and any building designs not drafted will be sent to the Scrap Pile. However, demand can build up for these scrapped designs, so you will have a chance to cash in on them later, and be the one to bring back to the city what the people want to see. Wait too long, however, and one of your competitors may snatch up the payout before you can.  Continue reading


Meg Takes A Bite– A Mini Review of Coldwater Crown By Bellwether Games


Hell Yeah

The night before opening day of Dice Tower Con, I had the unique opportunity to play a game called, Coldwater Crown. James Hudson, designer of Barnyard Roundup (now on Kickstarter), had gotten a copy to review and invited me to play. Now, this was a game I already had my eye on. From the minute I saw the post in the Boardgame Reviewer Facebook group, I knew I wanted to try it. Unfortunately, at the time they were looking for reviewers, my blog was just getting started, so my reach wasn’t quite what the designer was looking for. Which was totally cool, because I was able to remind him of the list of lists for reviewers, so it all worked out. Anyway… There I was, poised with the opportunity to get in an early play– it was a “HELL YEAH” kind of moment.

So, normally, for me, one playthrough isn’t enough to make a solid opinion, so keep that in mind. This is kind of like a mini* preview– a taste, if you will. I will discuss how to play and then throw in what I thought of the game. 


My only picture from the game we played. In hindsight, I should have taken more. *Le sigh*

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