Meg, Where Have You Been?


Where’s Meg Been?

Okay, so I know I haven’t really been around much lately. The holidays were a real kick in the ass and I just have not recovered. Between hosting Thanksgiving, traveling for Christmas, and a few family losses, it’s been hard to dive back into blogging.

Back in October, my good friend Heather–who you may know as CONnecting With Heather, or as the Assistant Director of the Dice Tower Con–and I, decided to start our own convention. Last year she had worked with the Dice Tower Con team to bring Prototype Con to life. This year we decided to team up and put it on ourselves under a brand new name–Expedition Prototype Con. Tickets went on sale at the end of November, since then my time has been dedicated to that. This new venture has been super exciting, but also stressful (mostly because of the personal life stuff going on simultaneously). It is a learning process though, and we are certainly learning a lot.

Our convention is setup so that designers can come and have their games playtested and receive feedback directly from the mouths of the testers. There are both scheduled and open playtesting sessions, as well as round tables with industry leaders about topics that can help designers get into the industry and be successful. It’s a low-key con with a laid back vibe.

I had started writing this post at the end of January, and here it is in early March, and still haven’t finished it. Our con actually took place during the last weekend in February. See how far behind I am!?

How Did It Go?

The con turned out to be a great success! For almost a week after that final day, people were posting these amazing, heartfelt statuses about attending our con. The entire weekend felt like just a happy gathering of friends and family. People received great feedback about their games, and participated in helping others get feedback. It was a shining example of the gaming community that I have come to know and love. I’m hoping next year will be just as successful and wonderful!

What’s Next?

Okay, so I have to get back to blogging. I’m looking forward to spotlighting and previewing some amazing games this year. I have two previews coming out towards the end of this month, and I’m hoping to get another out in early April. I’m going to get back to doing a weekly Spotlight and weekly Meg’s Radar ASAP, so keep an eye out for those. Since I have been receiving a lot of the games that I backed last year, I will hopefully work in some Throwback Thursday Reviews and mini reviews as I get the time.

One Quick Thing

I want to thank you all for reading my blog. You don’t have to, but you do anyway, and I think that’s amazing. I’m honestly surprised, that even with all that has been going on and my lack of posting, that I am still seeing people visit my blog and reading my posts. It’s a super cool feeling. No lie, I love you guys.


Dice Tower Con Shenanigans


Hey everyone!

As this week is coming to an end, I am beginning to pack and prep for Dice Tower Con. This year is going to be super exciting! So, I figured I’d share my schedule for the con and what games I will have with me!


My Con Schedule

-Tuesday: We will be arriving the night before the con, so if anyone is around and wants to game, we are available.

-Wednesday: I will be volunteering at HQ from 9AM- 1PM

-Thursday: I will be running the Tichu Tournament from 9AM- Whenever it ends (probably around 2PM)

I will also be prototyping Moonshot: Lunar Solace at the Prototype Event which is from 1PM-5PM. I will have a friend help out for the first part of the event, since I will most likely still be dealing with Tichu. After this event, I will be passing Moonshot on to the people over at Indie Game Alliance

-Friday: I will be volunteering at HQ from 8AM- 12PM

-Saturday: I have a meeting at 1PM, but I am free the whole rest of the day!

-Sunday:  I will be volunteering at HQ from 9AM- 1PM

What games are you bringing? 

Excellent question! Here is a list of games that I will have on me at the con:

I may have more than this with me, just haven’t decided yet.

So Meg, will you be posting anything during the con? 

Yes, I will still be posting to the blog during the con. However, I will not be following my normal schedule. I will have a preview of Barnyard Roundup coming out on Thursday. I don’t foresee posting anything else during the week, but I will be working on another preview that will go out the following week.

Speaking of the following week, things will be kind of wonky. I will most likely be posting a preview on Monday or Tuesday, then a spotlight on Wednesday. I’m hoping that will remain the case, but I will post on Facebook if there are going to be any changes to that.

Want to play a game with me?

Even though this will be a super busy con for me, I would still like to… Ya know… Play some games. If you’d like to get together and try one of the games I am bringing, or if you want to be cool and teach me a new game, that’d be awesome! You can message me on Twitter or on my Facebook page. Hell, you can even email me. You can also come find me at HQ during my volunteer times.

If you are going to DTC I hope you have a fun and safe con! 🙂