About Me and My Blog


Here are the basics:


Name: Megan

Location: Tampa, FL

 Gamer. Music Lover. Blogger. Kickstarter Supporter. Person.

Hello and welcome! So, my aim for this blog is to highlight new and interesting projects on Kickstarter. My focus will stick mainly to games and comics, because that is what I normally back. However, if the requests arise I am totally willing to write about other projects outside of those genres. I will also be going back and reviewing projects I’ve backed in the past. My goal is to share projects that I think have potential, or projects that I have tested personally (occasionally I playtest board games).

That being said, the crowdfunding movement is a really amazing thing. I think without all of these funding platforms, so many amazing projects would never come to fruition. It is a great thing to help others realize their dreams and we should continue to do so. I encourage my readers and other crowdfunding backers to keep sharing projects with friends, on social media, and everywhere else, so that we may all continue to experience these great ideas. My motto is: If you like it, if you back it, share the heck out of it!

Thanks for reading! 😉

**Disclaimer** I do not get paid to write about these projects. I do occasionally get sent prototypes or final stage games to review/preview. All opinions here are my own and are based off what I have gleaned from the campaign pages, interaction with project designers, or are my own reviews based off of my own experience. I may include links to the reviews of others to provide better insight or variety. I may not back every project I write about (I wish I could, but money). Also, I try not to censor my posts. Maybe it is naive of me, but I like to think only adults are reading my posts. If a project includes any kind of NSFW stuff, I will mention it before you get too far down to avoid the naughty bits.


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