Meg’s Radar #16– Election Edition


It’s getting close to election time, so I thought it would be kind of fun to highlight some of the games that are themed around the current political situation here in the U.S.. There were quite a few on Kickstarter, so I picked my two favorites out of the bunch. Enjoy and thanks for reading!

The Elect by Cultúrlán Enterprisesthe-elect

The Elect is a card game about politics, elections, and the monsters that are apart of that. It is a fast paced card game, where players use resources and skills to adjust their candidates priorities to fit the needs of the people. Players must keep track of their influence and avoid political disaster, or even bankruptcy. The first player to match their priorities to the Political Climate, without succumbing to the challenges of the election, will be the winner. The game will include 200 cards with over 100 pieces of original artwork.

Days left in the campaign: 23

Pledge to get the game: $25

The Campaign by Greg Lathrop

the-campaignThe Campaign is a party card game, where players are political candidates competing to be elected. Players will use shameless self-promotion and ruthless backstabbing to gain votes. Build your candidate up, while tearing the other candidates down. Players will have hands of Strength Cards and Skull Cards. Strength Cards will be played on your candidate to make them look good, while Skull Cards are used to harm your opponent’s reputation. However, The People are the ultimate decision makers in the game, so you better hope that your fellow candidates haven’t made you look too bad.

Days left in the campaign: 23

Pledge to get the game: $25


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