Meg’s Radar #13


It’s been a long and busy weekend, so this is a short list. I have 2 comics on the list this week. Because I am strapped for time, I wanted to keep it simple and save all the games for next week. As always, enjoy and thanks for reading! 🙂


The Lincoln Brigade by Pablo Durá

85a17c9fec2a491b16a614d8c205fac7_originalThe Lincoln Brigade takes us back to the Spanish Civil War, where volunteer fighters from all across the world, formed brigades to help the elected government of the Republic of Spain. A fascist by the name of Francisco Franco, began a coup in 1936 to overthrow the elected officials. He was aided by Hitler and Stalin, who armed his fighters and sent them supplies. The rest of the world powers, such as the UK, France and the US, had signed a non-intervention treatise– they would not send their people to fight and it forbade any citizens to go to Spain to fight on their own. Comintern, an organization that advocated for world communism, came to the rescue by organizing volunteer brigades to come help with the fight against the fascists. The Lincoln Brigade was a group of American volunteers, 90 of which were African Americans tired of the segregation and discrimination in the US. This comic follows their story, their courage, and sacrifices. The book will be softcover with 120 full-colour pages. It will be printed in Spanish as well as English.

Days left in the campaign: 27

Pledge to get the book: €25  (about $28 USD)

CommitStrip- Rise of the Coders: A Book About the Future by CommitStrip

9a8c622a3443bbcaf35b4af1f481e607_originalCommitStrip is an established webcomic with almost 1000 daily comic strips about life as a coder. The book highlights how coders and developers are the new inventors and explorers of the world. The book will be hardcover with 128 pages. There will be 80 comic strips from the collection plus 5 new strips, as well as the 10 page story for Rise of the Coders. There will even be a special surprise. 

Days left in the campaign: 22

Pledge to get the book: €27 (about $30 USD)


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