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What Ifs 

This will be a short spotlight, but I still hope everyone enjoys it. 🙂

Last week I was contacted by John over at Screech Dragon Studios about their project, Loaded Dice, that just hit Kickstarter. I immediately knew I wanted to do a larger feature on it. I put them on my Meg’s Radar list this past weekend as well. Anyway, I thought the project was brilliant.


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I grew up playing board games with my family, but there was a period of time where I just didn’t play any tabletop games at all. My friends at the time weren’t really into tabletop gaming, and I was a few years away from discovering today’s Euro games. I was just coming out of high school and starting college. I had moved out and was the quintessential broke college kid, except when it came to buying beers with my roommates of course. I’m wondering now, if these Loaded Dice glasses had existed when I was living with my roommates, if I would have been able to turn them into gamers too. Seriously, if beer was involved, they were in, so the chances were actually pretty good.

What’s On Tap


Photo Credit: Loaded Dice Kickstarter campaign page

So, what exactly is Loaded Dice? Essentially, it is a set of drinking glasses, in various sizes, that can be used as dice. Imagine playing an RPG where you need to roll for an encounter, but instead of rolling dice like normal, you drink from your glass and wherever the liquid level is when you stop, is essentially what you rolled. Loaded Dice is that simple. In total, there are 6 glasses: A Four-Sided shot glass, Six-Sided double shot glass, Eight-Sided sampler, Ten-Sided tumbler, Twelve-Sided Old Fashioned, and a Twenty-Sided pint.

On the backs of each glass will be the numbers, starting with 1 at the top and all the way down to the final number at the bottom. If, for example, you were drinking from the Twenty-Sided pint, you would have to chug the whole drink to “roll” a twenty. The same goes for the other glasses and their corresponding highest number. So, you will always be trying to drink more rather than less. Print

The original prototypes featured a sandblasted logo and numbers. The final product will feature a colored vinyl instead. The glasses will be dishwasher and microwave safe. This is actually really impressive. I’ve bought a lot of glasses over the years, with various things printed on the. Most of the time, whatever the image printed on the glass is made of, is usually not safe for the dishwasher, let alone a microwave. Now according to their FAQ, the glasses will fade over time, but are more likely to, if they see excessive use or hundreds of dishwasher cycles. Also, I’m sure over time, microwaving them will have some effect as well.

To Drink Or Not To Drink

The beauty of Loaded Dice is that even though it is aimed at people looking to enjoy some adult beverage imbibing, they can easily be used with any kind of beverage. This is great for the designated drivers out there. You can participate in the drink rolling, while still maintain sobriety by choosing soda, water, or whatever it is you like to drink.

If you are going the alcohol route, remember to drink responsibly.

Pledge Levels

There are eight pledge levels for this campaign, ranging from $1 USD to $200.

  • Pledge $1: You get a big “Thank You” for supporting the project.
  • Pledge $12: Twenty-Sided Pint
    • x1 Twenty-Sided Pint
    • USA shipping $5- added automatically when you pledge
  • Pledge $20: It’s Dangerous to Go Alone
    • x1 Twenty-Sided Pint
    • One other glass of your choice (x1)
    • USA shipping $5- added automatically when you pledge
  • Pledge $50: Joe’s D100 Challenge
    • x5 Twenty-Sided Pint
    • USA shipping $10- added automatically when you pledge
  • Pledge $50: The Adventurer’s Pack
    • x1 Twenty-Sided Pint
    • x1 Twelve-Sided Old Fashioned
    • x1 Ten-Sided Tumbler
    • x1 Eight-Sided Sampler
    • x1 Six-Sided Double Shot
    • x1 Four-Sided Shot
    • USA shipping $10- added automatically when you pledge
  • Pledge $90: Extended Campaign
    • x2 Twenty-Sided Pint
    • x2 Twelve-Sided Old Fashioned
    • x2 Ten-Sided Tumbler
    • x2 Eight-Sided Sampler
    • x2 Six-Sided Double Shot
    • x2 Four-Sided Shot
    • USA shipping $20- added automatically when you pledge
  • Pledge $200: Bulk Pack- Pints
    • x24 Twenty-Sided Pint
    • USA shipping $45- added automatically when you pledge
  • Pledge $200: Bulk Pack- Everything
    • x5 Twenty-Sided Pint
    • x5 Twelve-Sided Old Fashioned
    • x5 Ten-Sided Tumbler
    • x5 Eight-Sided Sampler
    • x5 Six-Sided Double Shot
    • x5 Four-Sided Shot
    • USA shipping $45- added automatically when you pledge


If you’d like to add on some extra glasses, they’ve got you covered. The price for each glass already includes shipping and handling, so you don’t have to worry about doing extra math when adding on what you want.

  • Add $14 per Twenty-Sided Pint
  • Add $12 per Twelve-Sided Old Fashioned
  • Add $12 per Ten-Sided Tumbler
  • Add $12 per Eight-Sided Sampler
  • Add $12 per Six-Sided Double Shot
  • Add $8 per Four-Sided Shot

Screech Dragon Studios

10676349_735661633219020_922148538421951121_nScreech Dragon Studios is a relatively new company in the gaming scene. The team consists of John “Hex” Carter, a web developer based out of Orlando, FL and Mat Nicholson, a graphic designer, based out of Richmond, VA. John handles the game development and Mat is the brains behind the graphics. According to their bio, their specialty is “games that ruin friendships.” Loaded Dice will be the first major project from the pair.

If you’d like to keep of with their progress for Loaded Dice, or want to find out about their upcoming projects, you can get on their mailing list at their website. Or you can follow them via social media, on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Final Thoughts

I think Loaded Dice is an incredibly clever idea. I played a lot of drinking games when I was younger, but there never was anything with real substance. Basically, the goal was to get drunk or…. Get drunk. Not a lot of meaningful choices. Now I can play a real tabletop RPG and combine it seamlessly with drinking. When I say it like that, it really sounds terrible, but that is what these glasses were designed for. These days, I don’t drink like I used to in college (not that I was ever big into drinking), but I still think this is a really fun way to incorporate drinking into gaming. Also, even if you don’t play any games where these would be relevant, or you aren’t one for drinking alcohol, these will still make really awesome glasses to have in your collection for every day use. They will be well-made, the designs are really awesome looking, and they can be cleaned in the dishwasher. What more could you ask for?

If you do plan on backing, I would definitely go for the Adventurer’s Pack, so you could at least have one of each type. That alone is a nice set to have. I think the bundles are good for businesses or people, who for some reason, have no glasses at all.

As I am writing this, the campaign is 72% funded and there are 23 days left int the campaign.


Was this helpful to you? What other information would you like to have seen? Have suggestions for future Spotlights? Would you like me to do a review/preview? Please leave a comment below, or head over to my contact page to send me an email, tweet, or Facebook message. Thanks for reading!:)


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