Meg’s Radar #12


After a busy week of birthdays and weddings, the radar list is here! I’ve got some great stuff for you this week, and as always thanks for reading and enjoy!


Finding Molly: An Adventure in Catsitting by EMET Comics 

c3cfdc3e4b7e1f85d08a640fd0a2878e_originalFinding Molly: An Adventure in Catsitting is a webcomic about the unemployed, art school grad, Molly Sanchez-Talebi. Hesitantly, Molly begins catsitting to pay the bills, until she can find her way out of suburbia and an artistic rut. The comic follows her misadventures and her journey to self-discovery. The comic has been free on the web since January and has seen great success and support so far. This Kickstarter is to bring the comic from the web to the physical world in the form of a hardbound, 128-page, full-color graphic novel. Besides the book, the campaign offers a variety of different goodies, such as stickers, pins, shirts, totes, and prints. They are also offering commissions for anything you’d like, including portraiture of your cat! There are quite a few artists to choose from with varying rates for each, but be quick, as there are a limited amount of spots for each artist.

Days left in the campaign: 21

Pledge to get the book: $25

Heart of Millyera: Prelude by Jana Hoffman

download (3).jpgA post-colonial, steampunk epic, Heart of Millyera follows the story of a young geology student named Ida after she discovers a mysterious object at the bottom of a lake. The object held Millyera, a childlike spirit, as old as the universe. Ida becomes her guardian, as Millyera has been stripped of her ancient powers and has become lost on this world. Ida is joined by her two colleagues, Celeste and Gil, and together they help Millyera navigate her way in this new world. The Kickstarter aims to bring a 20 page preview copy of Heart of Millyera to life, so that the creators can share the story at conventions, but also with backers.

Days left in the campaign: 11

Pledge to get the comic: $7

Loaded Dice by Screech Dragon Studios

c72e86563cf43c4dd4e1f919e3970d2b_originalIf you were ever looking for a way to combine drinking and your tabletop RPG, this is what you have been looking for. Loaded Dice is a series of glasses that have numbers printed on them to match your favorite dice. The amount you drink is what you roll. They have multiple options to choose, from a d4 shot glass to a d20, 16 oz pint glass. Get one or get them all, the choice is yours. *Drink Responsibly*

Days left in the campaign: 26

Pledge to get a single glass: $12

Pledge to get the set: $50

Brides & Bribes by Spaceballoon Games


  • 3-5 Players
  • 60-90 Minutes
  • Age 12+

In Brides & Bribes players assume the role of one of five Genoese families vying to become the next Doge of Genoa, Italy. This is a worker placement and resource management game where players will try to gain influence and wealth so that one of their family members has a chance to marry one of the current Doge’s beautiful daughters. Each turn, you will send a family member out into the Genoese boroughs to get money, hire employees, get new workers, or increase your influence. The game ends after 6 rounds or when a players has reached 20 (or 25) influence points.

Days left in the campaign: 24

Pledge to get the game: €39 (about $44 USD)


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