Meg’s Radar #11


I’ve got two comics and two games for you guys this week. Enjoy and thanks for reading!

Earthsong Volumes 1-5 by Crystal Yates

c6238dd029c0025ee6fb365c4bcf8d5b_originalEarthsong is a webcomic that has been around for the past 12 years. You can read it for free, here.  It is one of the longest running webcomics on the internet. The story follows Willow, who is new to the sanctuary planet of Earthsong and must find her place in this new, strange world, and Nanashi, who is a war general, who has been tasked with keeping Earthsong safe for ages. Together the two must save the planet from invaders looking to destroy and consume them. The book will contain over 500 pages and will include all five volumes, a few of which have never been in print before now.

Days left in the campaign: 23

Pledge to get a physical copy: $20 CAD (about $15 USD)

Scurry Book 1: Doomed Colony by Mac Smith

tapasbannerfinalThe house has been abandoned by humans and only the mice are left. Winter is upon them and food is becoming scarce. Predators lurk around every corner. How will they survive? Scurry follows a colony of mice trying to survive the coming of a long, strange winter. The food shortage sends them further than they have gone before, and the further they go, feral cats and birds of prey will not be the only things they will have to fear. If you’d like to get a look at the story before backing, you can check it out, here. The KS will include the first three episodes with 82 pages of story and 18 pages of art. The book will be full color and will feature 8″ x 12″ over-sized pages.

Days left in the campaign: 30

Pledge to get a physical copy: $20 (soft cover); $30 (hardcover)

Cake Duel by Sizigi Studios


  • 2 Players (4 for Deluxe version)
  • 1- 10 Minutes
  • Age 13+

In Cake Duel players face off as commanders of a small Sheepie army. These sheep are ready to fight and are hungry for cake. The goal of the game is to relieve your opponent of all of their delicious cakes. The game takes strategy and bluffing mechanics, and condenses them into an easy, quick-to-play format. Each players deck of Sheepie can be fully customized, so you can use your favorite Sheepie when you play. The game is also pocket-size for easy transportation, which fits well with all of the Sheepie cuteness.

Days left in the campaign: 26

Pledge to get a copy of the game: $20

Are You Mental? by Robert Turk

2ac627b73258f11c68def4ac238e50e7_originalAre You Mental? is a unique tabletop RPG where being crazy is all part of the fun. Players assume the roles of lunatics who seem to believe they are super heroes with super powers. They escape the asylum and go on crazy adventures together. The game uses a mad lib style process for character creation, where players will write answers for 4 specific questions and then swap those answers with their fellow players. Those answers will help to fill in their unique character sheet. The game also allows (and encourages) you to use any kind of dice you can find, and they really do mean any kind. Each player will get a set of 5 dice that are randomly selected, so you could end up with a crazy combination of dice. The game includes two decks of cards: The Challenge Deck and the Deck of Really Bad Things. When players attempt to do something in the game, the Challenge Deck will tell them what they must accomplish with their dice and the Deck of Really Bad Things will hold their fate if they should fail. This will be an easy pick up RPG, that will be easy to learn and quick to setup.

Days left in the campaign: 26

Pledge to get the game: $1 for a B/W PnP, $10 for a colour PnP, and $30 for the physical components (minus dice)


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