Meg’s Radar #10


I’ve got three great projects for you guys today. Enjoy and thanks for reading! ūüôā

Happily Ever Aftr #1 by Ricky Lima

e397116e1f72d834e4b90ace3f2905b1_originalHappily Ever Aftr will be the second project brought to Kickstarter by Ricky Lima. His first project, Deep Sea, successfully funded and it looks like this project will follow in its footsteps. His newest story brings the world of fantasy and the technology of today together to explore love, relationships, and sexuality. The story follows Gretchen, who is a member of the Grimhold royal family. Following the traditions of her bloodline, Gretchen kidnaps a princess to be her bride. However, her father will not allow it. Over the course of the story, Gretchen searches to find and understand her sexuality, all while dealing with¬†the pressures from her father. The captured Princess Emily isn’t taking her kidnapping so well. Convinced she will never be rescued, she uses her smart phone to access a dating app to search for a knight to save her. Unfortunately, all of the prospective knights kind of suck. The book will also offer a backup comic called Pony Mages. Pony Mages is a popular franchise within the Happily Ever Aftr world. Just think of it as darker My Little Pony. The campaign offers an array of goodies, including hand written love letters tailored to you, the backer, and ¬†mini-print packs featuring various knights from the dating site that Princess Emily uses.

Days left in the campaign: 26

Pledge to get the comic: $10 CAD (about $8 USD)

Underlings of Underwing by Kevin Ballestrini/ The Pericles Group


  • 1-6 Players
  • 30-60 Minutes
  • Age 12+

The Underwing Dragons have returned. One hundred years have passed and they have come to lay their eggs once more. Trainers come from all over to capture the eggs and raise the hatchlings. In Underlings of Underwing, players use worker placement and resource management to successfully hatch their collection of dragons, all while following the rules of colour theory. The game was the winner of the Learning Game Challenge sponsored by The Game Crafter (co-sponsored by The Pericles Group). The Pericles Group liked it so much, that they decided to pick it up for publishing.

Days left in the campaign: 26

Pledge to get the game: $29

Lotus Dimension by Scott Wayne Indiana

59d9dd1ad25f201ec08e606a8aff188d_originalDrawing¬†inspiration from historical leaders, philosophy, and religion, Lotus Dimension is a new tabletop RPG that revolves around the idea of non-violent conflict resolution. Players will create their own character, which will fit a modern-day archetype, such as hacker or parkour specialist. On their quests players will encounter a variety of challenges that would normally, in any other RPG, be met with violent resolution. Players will be expected to use their wits and training to come to non-violent solutions to traditionally¬†violent challenges. The starter kit for the game¬†will include a player guide, guru guide, character sheets, dice, and the first quest, “Liberation in the Zeppelins.”¬†

Days left in the campaign: 24

Pledge to get the starter kit: $25


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