Meg’s Radar #8


Got some great projects for the list today, so sit tight and enjoy. As always, thanks for reading!


Death’s Footsteps by Cardboard India

2dd672e8f34f17992ee67cbccd67477f_original.jpgWritten by Chani Petro and illustrated by Jill Colbert, Death’s Footsteps is an illustrated fable about Young Death and his mortal bride. While training to take his father’s place, Young Death accidentally entraps a living girl. To rectify the situation, he decides to take her as his bride and brings her home with him to the Underworld. The story follows her journey to earn her place among the immortals and the lengths she goes to to prove her worthiness. This will be the second project from Cardboard India, and it has already reached its funding goal. If you are a fan fables and like really beautiful illustrations, this is definitely a project to check out.

Days left in the campaign: 26

Pledge to get a copy of the book: $20

Curia Regis: Volume 1 by Robin Hoelzemann

f9c115c8925a9914e8fb2382226f5fc3_originalCuria Regis is a 18th century drama that fallows the story of Maren and Jacques. Maren is a courtier whose loyalty is about to be tested. Jacques has decided to steal a country and crown himself king. The story follows the path of them and their allies, as they work to make the future the way they want it to be. Curia Regis is an ongoing web comic and the product of this Kickstarter will be its first print run. Robin Hoelzmann is a German- Canadian living in England, working as a Marketing Manager by day and a comic writer and illustrator by night.

Days left in the campaign: 22

Pledge to get a copy of the book: £15 (About $20 USD)

Exquisite Beast – A Board Game of Monstrous Mad Science by Turtle Dream Games, LTD


  • 2-4 Players
  • 60-90 Minutes
  • Age 10+

In Exquisite Beast, you take on the role of a mad scientist looking to create a monster. You send your minions out to collect resources and parts to make your beast. Once your beast is made and the lightning has struck, you send its mismatched glory out into the world to rampage across the countryside, defeating the competition made by your fellow scientists. But beware, the townsfolk will fight back and they will come for you and your beast. The first player to reach 15 victory points will be declared the winner and their beast will be known forever, as the most exquisite monstrosity to have ever walked the Earth (this might be an exaggeration). This will be the first game from Turtle Dream Stuidos and they have already reached their funding goal.

Days left in the campaign: 20

Pledge to get a copy of the game: €35 (about $39 USD)

Gondola- Upgraded! by Big Kid Games

download (2)

  • 2-5 Players
  • 15 Minutes per player
  • Age 5+

In Gondola, players race through the Venice canals hoping to become the winner of the historic Regata Storica di Venezia. Players help to build the canal course with tiles played from their hand. The tiles determine how fast players may go through speed and current, as well as the capacity of that part of the canal. Canal tiles may also have special abilities that could hinder opponents or boost the player who lays it down. Players race through the waterways and try to reach the finish line first. The game features over 100 playable tiles, giving the game a lot of replayability.

Days left in the campaign: 17

Pledge to get a copy of the game: $39

Character Meeples (2.0) – Upgrade Your Gaming Experience! by Meeple Source

d240e22b0266c66bc9027e41076d4551_originalThe good folks over at Meeple Source have made a Kickstarter to help them make some new characters for their meeples and to make some new sets for games like Near and Far, Colt Express, and Champions of Midgard. They’ve also got animals, Cthulhu, and Greek mythology characters lined up. I’ve bought some of their meeples in the past and have always been really happy with their products. I got a set of Totoro meeples at Dice Tower Con this year, as well as some upgrades for my copy of Francis Drake. They have a ton of different pledge options and add-ons for this campaign, so go check it out.

Days left in the campaign: 24

Pledge to get some meeples: 1$+


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