Spotlight– Game of Energy By Nimex Games


The Power Of Art

The gaming community is so full of energy and excitement over new, up-and-coming games and designers. That’s why I love being part of the Kickstarter Boardgame Spotlight group. People get involved, give feedback, and share projects, which is one of the biggest perks to being a designer or a backer in the group. I’ve seen a lot of successful games make their way through this group and I’m sure I will continue to see that trend.

127d4ebb075fb81289593d6b7ad4586d_originalOne game, from the group, that recently caught my eye, was Game of Energy. I remember seeing posts about it awhile back, and thinking that looks like a game I’d like to play. First of all, I thought the cover art was really great. I’d recently seen statistics about how often certain demographics are featured on box covers. I could be mistaken, but I think the big upset was that sheep are featured more on box cover art than women. Now this isn’t something that bothers me personally, but I do find the information interesting. The first time I saw a post about this game was around the time I started seeing that sheep statistic thrown around. So, when I first saw the box art, I thought it was a funny contrast to that statistic. The art features a lot of diversity, which is great, and there isn’t a single sheep in sight.

Art aside, Game of Energy’s concept of solving an energy crisis while building up your company and maximizing income and energy output, was definitely something that sparked my interest.

Generating Power

The crisis nears and the clock is ticking down. We must come to a decision quick to ensure humanities well being. We need to create clean energy, but with the limited land to build upon, this won’t be easy and corners may have to be cut. We are working as quickly as possible to put our plans into place before time runs out. Will we make it? Will we be successful? Only time will tell…

Game of Energy is a 1-4 player game, where players take on the role of industry leaders competing for the billion dollar contract from the United Nations, to be the main energy provider of the future. However, players are also competing against the clock, as the time for a global energy crisis draws near. Players must maximize their energy production, as well as their finances to beat the clock and emerge victorious. There will be good and bad curve balls along the way, and chances for your fellow industry leaders to mess up your plans.

On your turn, there are three main steps:

The first step is to draw a card from the Grid deck. You may keep this card to play for later or you can use it this turn. There is a hand limit of 1, so you must end your turn with 1 or less cards reserved. However, you can play as many cards as you want on your turn, and if at the end of your turn you have more than one card, you must play cards until you are at or below the hand limit.

The next step is to get paid. This just means you collect any money that your industries produce. The final step is to roll the territory die. This tells you what region you will be able to build on this turn. On the die there is also a symbol for investment. If you roll the Investment symbol, you will draw a card from the Investment deck, where you have a 60/40 chance of getting a good investment. These cards are activated immediately and and then are shuffled back into the Investment deck. The Investment symbol also allows you to choose where you get to build, as a opposed to a normal roll that tells you where.

Once these steps are complete, players can then purchase which type of industries they’d like to build and place them into the region determined by the die (or where they have decided, if they rolled Investment). Players will want to consult their regional reference card, to see what the cost of building for each type of industry will be for that area, as well as how much money (energy credits) it will yield and how much they will move up the Terawatt-Hour score track.

The game will continue until one person has hit or exceeded the Terawatt-Hour requirement or if the countdown die hits zero (in this case, all players would lose by failing to solve the energy crisis in time). For more in depth descriptions, you can check out the rule book here, or you can watch the video by Undead Viking below. He goes through and explains the game and then gives his review. It’s good stuff.

What’s In The Box/ Pledge Levels 

I’m loving that more project creators are making use of the itemized list for their pledge tiers. It helps backers see exactly what they are getting and helps me explain it better. Again, below I’ve listed out what you get with each pledge and the components.

-Pledge $1: Energy Saver

  • This is your standard thank you level, plus you get the added benefit of getting update emails and news about the game first.

-Pledge $49: Energy Producer (New)

  • Base game, which will include:
    • 1 Six-fold game board
    • 130 Custom-designed energy industries
    • 136 Translucent energy cubes, 8mm
    • 26 Grid cards
    • 10 Investment cards
    • 8 Captains of industry cards
    • 8 Tip cards
    • 84 Energy credit currency cards
    • 2 Six-sided dice, Territory and Investment
    • 1 Wooden countdown marker disc, 15mm x 4 mm
    • 1 Set of instructions
    • 1 Game box
  • 1 Dummy Corp. Expansion
  • All stretch goals

-Pledge $1500: Energy Fanatic (4 of 4 left)

  • 2 Copies of the base game (signed if desired)
  • 2 Copies of the Dummy Corp. expansion
  • 1 Custom Captain of Industry card
  • All stretch goals
  • Free shipping
  • Expedited shipping
  • Go on a tour of one of the industries from the game with the designer
    • Your choice of industry to tour
    • Covered hotel accommodations
      • for up to 4 people (you and 3 other)
      • 3 days/2 nights



There are a few different things available as add-ons to your pledge.

For $39 you can add another copy of the game, just make sure that for this add-on, you adjust your extra money to include the shipping cost from the shipping chart. Next, you can get your own CUSTOM Captain of Industry card for $20, with free shipping worldwide. For $12 you can get a wooden lightning bolt first player marker. This also includes free shipping. The last add-on available is an 8″ x 10″, matted print of the Game of Energy box art. You add this on for $20 and it also features free shipping worldwide.

Stretch Goals

There are currently 5 stretch goals, in addition to the initial funding goal, that the campaign aims to fulfill. I will list them below and any reached goals will get a purple diamond.

  • $15, 745: Funding goal
  • $17,000: Linen Finish
    • Linen finish on all cards, currency, and all industry pieces
  • ???: Double Sided Tiles
    • Industry tiles will be printed on both sides
  • ???: More Linen Finish
    • Linen finish on the game board and box
  • ???: Alternate Board
    • Back of the board will include an alternate board for 2 and 3 player games
  • ???: Score Tracking App
    • Phone app to keep score during the game

Nimex Games

Nimex Games is the child company of Nimex Technologies, a father-son endeavor aimed at making the world better through inventions. The company is run by Nathan Wright, the designer of Game of Energy, and his father, David. The company pairs David’s business skills with Nathan’s engineering abilities to create the perfect team. Game of Energy is the first endeavor for their Nimex Games company. With this first title, and the titles to come, they hope to offer a fun, but educational experience to the game table.

If you’d like to keep up with the games side of things, you can follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

Final Thoughts 

I think that this is going to be a really nice medium-light game. It offers some strategizing, as well as the sort play style expected from a Euro-type game. It also seems easy to learn. The way that turns essentially come down to three main phases, should help take some of the AP out of the game, so that you can enjoy it with people more prone to it. The only thing you really need to think critically about, is which types of industry will be easily balanced between their efficiency, clean energy output, and the energy credit yields you can gain from them, in regards to the land type available for you to build on.

I do feel like this may have less choices then some serious gamers may like, but I don’t think that will necessarily hinder the game. Another thing that was pointed out in the Just Got Played review that I watched, was that it would be cool if there were a way to have the tiles be stuck where they are once they are placed, so that it is easier to manipulate a particular territory to your own means. This would move the game away from its more passive play style, but it is certainly an interesting idea. Apparently using the Dummy Corp. expansion will kind of make that possible. Not sure on that though.

**There are alternate rules that the designer has added that allow for the industry pieces to be stationary, to create a more heavy game feel.**

Overall, I love the concept of the game and what it is trying to bring to the table. I love when games try to teach me a little bit while I play. Another plus is that you can play this solo. I don’t know if I will ever be playing that way, but like I’ve said in past posts, there are a lot of people out there who really make use of solo play. It’s a feature I’ve always loved, but never utilized. Ultimately, I think this game will be a nice edition to any game library.

As I am writing this, the game is 47% funded and there are 27 days left in the campaign. So, if you are interested in grabbing yourself a copy, you’ve got plenty of time.


Was this helpful to you? What other information would you like to have seen? Have suggestions for future Spotlights? Would you like me to do a review/preview? Please leave a comment below, or head over to my contact page to send me an email, tweet, or Facebook message. Thanks for reading!:)


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