Meg’s Radar #6


Hey guys! I’m back from Dice Tower Con and I’m ready to turn on the radar and find some great new projects. I’ve got some interesting ones for you this week. Some aren’t super new, but are projects I have wanted to feature here. Enjoy!

Everland #1 by Dan Lee Comics


Photo Credit: Everland #1 Kickstarter campaign page

Everland is a concept and character-driven story that takes inspiration from TV shows, like Lost, and long form comics, like Y: The Last Man. The comic will also include nods to stories and myths about the world of Walt Disney and the animation industry. It aims to tell the story of the dark inner lives of the characters contrasted against their brightly coloured, Utopian world. This will be a digital comic, with 31 full-colour pages. It will contain 26 pages of story, as well as a comic strip by John Atkinson. There are several different pledge levels to choose from. There will be no physical copies available, but backers can get their hands on some beautiful physical prints, as well as some cool music to go with the comic.

Days left in the campaign: 13

Pledge to get a PDF copy of the comic: £3 (about $4 USD)

Gloom: Digital Edition by Sky Ship Studios

If you were ever a fan of the card game Gloom, you can now snag yourself a digital version. This will be a PC version of the game, with online capabilities, so you can play with people all over the globe. The game will include the base set, Gloom: Second Edition, as well as the Unhappy Homes expansion thrown in. Each card will be animated to come to life (and also to die) and will include voice acting to boot. It is the goal of Sky Ship Studios, to eventually feature all of the different variations of Gloom in the digital version. This includes Fairytale Gloom and Cthulhu GloomBackers also have the opportunity of getting gift keys, so that they can share the world of Gloom: Digital Edition with friends and family members. To give you a taste of what the game may look like, check out this trailer video:

Days left in the campaign: 23

Pledge to get a copy of the game: $15

Virus: An Infectious Card Game by Genius Games (John Coveyou)


Photo Credit: Virus Kickstarter campaign page

Genius Games is back again with another simple, but educationally themed game. Virus is a bidding type game where players will have a hand of viruses that vary in strength. Players will secretly choose a card from their hand, then once all players have chosen everyone will simultaneously flip their chosen card face up. Starting with the highest bidder, they will choose a face up Viral Component card, and this will affect how they gain points at the end of the game. Some of these cards can also be negative. The game will continue like this, over a series of rounds, until there are no more component cards left to flip. Then everyone will add up their scores, and the player with the most points will be the winner. Like other titles by Genius Games, this will be a light, easy-to-learn, easy-to-play game, that may teach you a little bit of science along the way.

Days left in the campaign: 20

Pledge to get a copy of the game: $19

The Prophet by Pica Entertainment 

80cfd336b58c1bf3da20b37625fe0b72_originalThe Prophet is a “take that” style card game where players are trying to become prophets of a doomsday prophecy. The goal of the game is to become the prophet and to force the other players to go mad, thus becoming your obedient followers. There are elements of “take that”, which are necessary for winning, as you must rid the other players of their sanity, but there is also a political aspect, which encourages players to work together. The game also has this really unusual art style, that fits the nefarious nature of the theme. Backers can get the base set, but there will also be an expansion available.                                 

Days left in the campaign: 28

Pledge to get a copy of the game: $35 

 Thanks for reading!:)


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