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One of the designers, Milo. Photo Credit: DragonStone Mine! Facebook page

One of the things I love about the gaming community is its diversity. Gamers can be serious or casual, old or young, and everything in between. I love to watch this diversity flourish, with new designers and players alike.

What I love about this particular project, is that it was made, in part, by kids. It’s so cool to think that they were able to come up with a game idea and then have that idea turned into something tangible. It’s awesome seeing the younger generation really taking on the hobby. We should always encourage this kind of creativity, in our kids and in ourselves. So, props to Scott Elliot for including his kids in the making of this game and letting them really take center stage as young designers.

DragonStone Mine! will be the second game to be Kickstarted by Legion Supplies and the first game for Scott Elliot and his children, Milo and Ruby.

Deep Into The Mine



Photo Credit:

The passage narrows and we are encircled by darkness. The lanterns have burned their last drop of oil, and the light from our headlamps is all that we have left to guide us. We trudge on, deeper, down into the mine. The DragonStones must lie waiting in the dark. Our lights glide over the rock walls, flashes of gem dust sparkles back. The passage seems to shrink, but we push through into a massive cavern. We walk forward and tense, one after another our lights rest upon an unbelievable sight… 

Before us there are hundreds of DragonStones! They shine radiantly, imbued with ancient dragon magic. They illuminate the cavern– beacons of fortune in the darkness…

DragonStone Mine! is a game where 2-4 players try to obtain the most DragonStones and arrange them in certain configurations on their spires to gain points. Each coloured gem will follow a specific rule that players must also follow as they mine their gems. Game play is as simple as the following:

Players will take turn pulling gems from the bag (mining) and following the colour rules for the gems pulled. Next, the current player will draw a card and perform one of the following actions:

  • Play a card
  • Discard a card to mine and stack 2 gems on a spire
  • Draw another card

Play will continue like this until someone has capped their final spire– this will trigger the final turn. Once everyone has taken their final turn, it is time to score. Points are based on the total number of gems, with bonus points for spires that have all gems of a single colour, or one of each of the 5 colours. There is also a bonus for getting one of each of the 5 colours as the top gem on a spire. 

In my last radar post, I included this little play through video, and I figured I might as well include it again, because it does well as a visual aide for the written rules.

What’s In The Box


All of the components in a 4 player copy. Photo Credit: DragonStone Mine! Kickstarter campaign page

In each 4 player copy of DragonStone Mine! you will receive:

  • 4 Stacking tower bases
  • 35 Spell cards
  • 136 Acrylic gems
  • A fabric “Mine” bag
  • 1 Rules card

In each 2 player copy you will receive:

  • 2 Stacking tower bases
  • 25 Spell cards
  • 65 Acrylic gems
  • A fabric “Mine” bag
  • 1 Rules card

Pledge Levels

There are a nine different pledge levels for backers to choose from, ranging from $1 USD to $65 USD.

The first pledge is a standard $1 thank you pledge. The next pledge level is the first of three early bird options. For $20, you will get the 2 player copy at a reduced price. There are still 25 left of the 50 available. The next level is the regular priced 2 player copy at $25. If you want to show more support, but still only want the 2 player copy, this is the way to go. The next level is the second early bird level. Unfortunately, this one is sold out. This level gave you the 4 player copy for $32. It’s only a $3 discount, so paying for the next level at $35, isn’t going to hurt your wallet that badly.


Left: Final production pieces. Right: Original production pieces. Photo Credit: DragonStone Mine! Kickstarter campaign page

The next level is the last early bird, which has also sold out. For $50, they were offering the 2 player copy, as well as the 4 player copy. The next level, which is still available, offers the same deal for just $5 more. Again, missing out on the early bird pledge isn’t a bank breaker. With the 2+4 copy pledges, they boast that you can combine the two copies to play 5 or 6 players, or that you can split them up and give one to a friend.

The next two levels are kind of confusing. They are both $65 and give backers two 4 player copies of the game. One of the levels is sold out already– perhaps it was an early bird of sorts? Again these two levels boast the ability to play the game with a larger group of players, however in this case the amount of players goes up to 8, which they say has yet to be playtested.

Each full copy pledge (2 or 4 player) will also come with plans and item lists so you can make the game for yourself. I feel like this would have been a nice $5-$10 pledge level that was sent out digitally. It would have been a good support pledge and given backers an opportunity to do the activity with their own children. It seems rather pointless to only receive the plans with a copy of the game. I mean, I guess it is good if a component breaks or something, because then you can always make your own replacements. But, that’s just me. Overall, the best bang for your buck will come from the $35, 4 player copy pledge.

If you are a retailer interested in snagging copies of the game, you must email for more info.

Stretch Goals

There are currently 2 stretch goals in addition to the initial funding goal. I will list them below, and any that have been reached will have a purple diamond next to it.

  • $10,000- Funding goal
  • $25,000- Gem upgrade
  • $40,000- Early copy of the first card expansion set

Legion Supplies


Photo Credit:


Legions Supplies is a well known company in Magic the Gathering circles for their events, as well as their gaming supplies. Legion Supplies was created in 2009, when Steve Port saw a need for a new kind of product in the community. Steve also ran a successful Kickstarter two years ago for Foretold: Rise of a God


Photo Credit: Amazon

I have not yet played their first Kickstarter game, but I can vouch for the quality of the sleeves and deck boxes that Legion makes. If you are a fan of Magic the Gathering, you might watch the Tolarian Community College YouTube channel, which is where I first heard about Legion. After watching one of the reviews the Professor did for legion sleeves, I immediately got some for myself. They are incredibly sturdy and just plain cool. I went with The Raven set for my first purchase. I know, not really DragonStone Mine! related, but I felt it was important to note that I have had past experience with the company, and was extremely satisfied.

If you’d like to keep up with them on social media, you can check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

Final Thoughts

This will be another one of those light games that will be great as a filler, or as a transitional game for casual gamers and children. It seems easy enough to teach to my parents, which is always a plus for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love them, but most modern games tend to go over their heads. I am always looking for games that I can play with them, that will be easy to teach and easy to learn. Because of this game’s simple format, it should do well with even the most timid of players.

I’m also really excited to see the finished product. Most games (not all, but most) tend to be on the flat side. Yes, there are games that have 3D pieces, but those aren’t what I’m referring to. I like that the players board is something you build upon. It’s a really neat idea. I also like that there seems to be a subtle puzzle aspect. How you go about getting your spires to meet bonus requirements should pose an interesting challenge, and I am looking forward to trying to get as many bonuses as possible.

Overall, I think this will be a good purchase if you have kids or family members that are just not at that serious game level. It’s something different from a standard card or board game, which makes it stand out, to me at least. This will also be good if you generally game in small numbers, as it is perfect for couples or small groups.

As I am writing this, the campaign is funded and there are just 7 days left to get the game.


Was this helpful to you? What other information would you like to have seen? Have suggestions for future Spotlights? Would you like me to do a review/preview? Please leave a comment below, or head over to my contact page to send me an email, tweet, or Facebook message. Thanks for reading!:)


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