Meg’s Radar #5


Welcome back to another Meg’s Radar!

So, this week not much has really stood out to me. There were a few I had looked at, but I was unsure of their potential to fund. This was one that stood out to me, and it has already met its funding goal, with plenty of days left to reach its stretch goals. I will be doing a full spotlight of this game the week after Dice Tower Con.

DragonStone Mine! by Legion Supplies 

download (1)

  • 2-4 Players
  • 10-30 Minutes
  • Age 5+

DragonStone Mine! is an abstract strategy game where players try to collect DragonStones for points. The game was designed by Scott Elliot and his two children as a way to pass the time on a rainy day. Play is variable enough to accommodate young players as well as experienced strategists. Players will take turns playing cards, stacking gems, or drawing cards. The goal is to get gems stacked on your spires. You can receive bonus points for spires with one type of gem and spires that have one of each type. Below, I’ve included the “How to play” video from the campaign page.

Days left in campaign: 16 

Pledge to get the game: $20 for a two player copy (Early Bird still available)/ $35 for a 4 player copy


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