Meg’s Radar #4


We’ve got a real short list this week– like, only 3 projects kind of short. Not much stood out to me this week, but these projects are all ones that deserve a look for sure.

Always Raining Here: Volume 2 by Hazel + Bell

bea006f16430544bb3755cdd3edb39d2_originalThis will be the second volume of the webcomic Always Raining Here, as well as the finale of the series. Always Raining Here is about the romantic relationship between two high school boys, Adrian and Carter. This comic covers love and life and all the things in between. Volume 2 will contain 160 full colour pages with a matte soft cover. Backers can pledge to get a bunch of goodies, as well as their own copy of ARH Volume 2. There are stickers, tote bags, and even Dakimakura pillow cases available as rewards. If you don’t already have ARH Volume 1, you can pledge for that as well.       

Days left in the campaign: 27

Pledge to get a physical copy: $33 CAD (about $26 USD)

Game of Blame by Richard Wolfrik Galland


  • 2-4 Players
  • 20-30 Minutes
  • Age 9+

What do you do when the Queen needs an explanation for something that has gone wrong? Blame someone else! In Game of Blame, players are royal advisors trying to help the Queen get her messy kingdom in order. However, the Queen wants none of the responsibility for what has gone wrong and is looking for someone to blame. To avoid the Queen’s wrath, players must avoid blame and throw their fellow advisors under the carriage. The player with the least amount of blame might just be the winner. Ultimately the Queen will decide your fate. Will she be pleased? Will you be banished? Or will you have to face your death at the hand of the executioner?

Days left in campaign: 24

Pledge to get the game: £10 (about $14 USD)

Cantankerous Cats by Mentha Designs


  • 2-6 Players
  • 20-60 Minutes
  • Age 10+

Cantankerous Cats is a light and competitive card game. Players are cats who are trying to be the first cat in the neighborhood to reach 9 mischief points. In order to do this, players must earn the affections of their owner to balance out any mischief they may cause. Players may perform 2 of 5 available actions on their turn. Play will continue until one player announces that they are about to score their 9th mischief token. Other players may try to stop the win, by playing pounce tokens to take control of the cat toy (the first player marker). The player who is about to score their 9th point, must be in control of the cat toy, at the time of scoring the point, in order to win. The game combines light strategy, take that, and a little bit of luck of the draw.

Days left in campaign: 44

Pledge to get the game: $35




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