Meg’s Radar #3


Welcome to Meg’s Radar #3! We’ve got another mixed list this week, so I hope you enjoy! I know I’ll be backing a few of these. 😉

Sin: Graphic Novel Anthology by Penstrike Publishing


Sin is a graphic novel anthology that will include 10 different stories, by 20 creators, using modern sequential art. Each story is a unique telling that focuses on one of the 7 Deadly Sins. The anthology will be comprised of 150, full colour pages. The campaign offers story related rewards, so you can show your support for a specific tale. This is a relaunched campaign, with reworked funding goal and much lower shipping for backers. This is a must back for comic fans.

Days left in the campaign: 29

Pledge to get a physical copy: $20 CAD (about $16 USD) -This is the Early Bird option. $25 CAD (about $19 USD) is the normal level. 

Clash d’Ardèche by Gaudete Games


  • 2-4 Players
  • 40-75 Minutes
  • Age 12+

Clash d’Ardeche is a strategic, Euro-style game by Gaudete Games. Players take on the role of a campground owner vying for customers in the French highlands. Players use upgrades, advertisements, and bribery to make their campsites the most appealing. Each player also has their own secret win condition. The game combines worker placement, card drafting and set collection to keep strategy high and luck low. Fans of bluffing, secret agendas, and classic style Euros, will want to check this game out.

Days left in the campaign: 19

Pledge to get the game: €29 (about $33 USD)

Lairs by Naturalist Games


  • 3-5 Players
  • 45-75 Minutes
  • Age 12+

Lairs is a two-part, semi-cooperative game, where players take on the role of powerful creatures who are vying for control of the mountain and the power of the Legacies held deep inside. In the first portion of the game players work solo to construct their lairs and work their way to the center of the mountain. The first player to reach the center and obtain the Legacy will then become the enemy of all the other players; this begins the second phase of the game. The other players ally together to defeat the enemy player, by going through their lair and completing different challenges. These challenges include puzzles, monsters, and duels. If they defeat these lair challenges, they will face off against the Legacy encounter. This will be a great game, because it features both cooperative and solo play, which will appeal to a wide variety of players.

Days left in the campaign: 28

Pledge to get the game: $27

Neverland’s Legacy by Lynnvander



  • 1-4 Players
  • 60-90 Minutes
  • Age 8+

Neverland’s Legacy is the next installment in Lynnvander’s Legacy game series. The newest game in the series is a cooperative, search-and-rescue game, where players take on the roles of  Peter Pan and his allies, or Captain Hook and his crew. Captain Hook is kidnapping the Lost Boys and it is up to Peter and his allies to search the pirate ships and help the Lost Boys escape; Captain Hook and his crew are trying to find Lost Boys to kidnap. This is the third game in Lynnvander’s Legacy series and just like in past games, you can see crossover of characters from Sherwood’s Legacy and Albion’s Legacy. Backers can get a slough of add-ons, including the first two games in the series. Each game has a different playstyle and employs different mechanics. Fan’s of the first two games in the series, or those who enjoy solid cooperative play, will want to back this game.

Days left in the campaign: 17

Pledge to get the game: $65 CAD (about $51 USD)

Tanto Cuore– International Editions by Japanime Games


  • 2-4 Players 
  • 45 Minutes
  • Age 13+

Tanto Cuore is already a well established game (one of my favorites). This is a campaign to get the game printed in several different languages. Backers can pledge to get a copy of the game in French, German, Italian, and Spanish. If you already own a copy of the game, you can pledge $25 to get a playmat, and that will also get you all of the stretch goals that are reached. There is is also a $200 backer level that comes with a bunch of amazing goodies to go along with the game in your language choice. Backers can also add on any of the 4 previous Tanto Cuore games in English. There is a little something for everyone. Tanto Cuore is a standard deck building game, but features a few different mechanics, which distinguish it from Dominion. If you are a fan of the game already, are a fan of anime, or are a fan of deck builders, this is definitely one you shouldn’t pass up, especially if you are looking to get a copy in one of the international languages.

Days left in the campaign: 19

Pledge to get the game: $50

 Thanks for reading!:)



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