Meg’s Radar #2


Welcome back for another round of Meg’s Radar. It’s a short list this week, but it features a good mixture of projects. We’ve got 1 comic, 1 party game, 1 light-ish game, and 1 heavy game. These are definitely some campaigns to check out!


4-Panel Life by Jen-Jen Rose

eb98533ec71f0032d362717472b35e72_original4-Panel Life is a slice of life webcomic that chronicles real events in the author’s life. This will be a 100+ page physical copy of the comic, featuring the complete collection from the web series, plus some new content. The book will also include illustrations, commentary by the author and more! Backers can get a bunch of neat goodies to go along with their pledge, like stickers, pins, and postcards.                                                         

Days left in the campaign: 22 

Pledge to get a physical copy: $15

Lab Wars by Alley Cat Games

  • 3d-box-a2-4 Players
  • 30-60 Minutes
  • Age 12+

Lab Wars is a competitive card game for 2-4 players. Players will build labs, conduct experiments, and sabotage their competitors all in an effort to gain the most scientific glory. This is a fun, yet educational game, that references real science experiments. Each backer will receive a PDF that explains all of the scientific experiments in the game and the history behind them. This will be a good fit for science fans, but is a theme that will still appeal to most gamers. Backers also have the opportunity to get the special, Legends of Science expansion for the game.                     

Days left in the campaign: 25

Pledge level to get the game: £19 ($27 USD)

Far East War 1592 by Mizoriot


  • 2-4 Players
  • 90-120 Minutes
  • Age 12+

Far East War 1592 is a historically based, strategic war game for 2-4 players. The game is set in the Korean peninsula during the Imjin War, and players will get to head the armies of China, Japan, or Korea. After vying for control of peninsula, the player who controls the most territories at the end of the game will be declared the winner. This game will interest gamers who enjoy territory control, war, and historically based games. They are also offering a really beautiful dice tower as an add-on. This will be the international printing of the successful original Chinese game.

Days left in the campaign: 29

Pledge level to get the game: $60

Santa VS Jesus– The Epic Card Game by Komo Games


  • 4-16 Players 
  • 50-90 Minutes
  • Age 15+

Santa VS Jesus is a party game for teams, that incorporates social, puzzle and challenge elements. Players choose a side to fight for and a character to represent them in the game. Teams compete in challenges with the hopes of gaining and keeping the most believers. Challenges range from puzzles to knowledge-based quizzes. Now this game is not for everyone, but it will be an interesting take on the social/party game genre. This game will probably appeal to gamers who are fans of Cards Against Humanity or Joking Hazard.

Days left in the campaign: 26

Pledge level to get the game: £17 ($24 USD)

 Thanks for reading!:)



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